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Possum Up a Gum Stump OUT OF CDs -- We have cassette tapes for $10.00. Possum Up a Gum Stump: Home Field and Commercial Recordings of Alabama Fiddlers compiled into a CD.

Possum Up a Gum Stump

Cassette Tape/CD

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$ 10.00

OUT OF CDs -- We have cassette tapes for $10.00. Possum Up a Gum Stump: Home Field and Commercial Recordings of Alabama Fiddlers compiled into a CD.

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This CD (cassette) features rare recordings of 19th Century Alabama fiddlers and field recordings of 20th century fiddlers who play in older styles. It was recognized by the American Folklife Center of the Library of Congress as an outstanding folk recording and earned great reviews from scholars and fans of traditional fiddle music. Included is a 24-page CD sized booklet with photos and bios of the fiddlers, and information about the tunes. 
A. Nineteenth Century Fiddlers
1. Charlie Stripling: Lost John (2:56)
2.  Charlie Stripling:  Get Off Your Money (2:56)
3.  D. Dix Hollis:  Walking in the Parlor (2:52)
4.  D. Dix Hollis:  The Girl Slipped Down (2:54)
5.  Y. Z. Hamilton: Hamilton's Special Breakdown (2:55)
6.  Y. Z. Hamilton: Fifty Years Ago (3:12)
7.  Joe Lee:  Georgia Wagoner (1:24)
8.  "Fiddling" Tom Freeman:  Flop-eared Mule (2:31)
9.  Johnson Family:  Bile Dem Cabbage Down (2:36)
10. Johnson Family:  Katy Hill (2:36)
11.  Sam McCracken:  8th of January (1:44)
12.  Sam McCracken:  Chuck-a-luck (1:26)
B. Twentieth Century Fiddlers:
13.  Jess Moore:  Smoke Above the Clouds (2:12)
14.  Noah Lacy:  All Around the World and Back to Citaco (2:03)
15.  Leonard Keith: Chickens Don't Roost Too High (3:11)
16.  Matt Hill:  Dew Drop (1:58)
17.  Howard Colburn:  Home Again Blues (1:42)
18.  George Frye:  Flower's Mill (1:46)
19.  Henry Lee Hudson: Messenger (1:05)
20.  Monte Sano Crowder: Chicken in the Barnyard (2:05)
21.  Monte Sano Crowder:  Roaring River (2:05)
22.  Howard Hamil:  Coon on a Rail (1:38)
23.  Ralph Whited:  Turkey Foot (2:12)
24.  Ralph Whited: Possum Up a Gum Stump (3:26)

Alabama Folklife Association Bookstore
Traditional Musics of Alabama
Series: Volume 6  
African American Spirituals
Liner Notes

Cover art by Bethanne Bethard Hill © 

Traditional Musics of 
Alabama Series Vol. 1-Vol. 5
by Steve Grauberger
Alabama Center for Traditional Culture

Vol. 1
Audio files & details on each song 

Vol. 2 
*not available for purchase
liner notes

Vol. 3
liner notes

Vol. 4
liner notes

Vol. 5
liner notes

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