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Bullfrog Jumped Bullfrog Jumped, Children’s Folksongs from the Byron Arnold Collection is a CD. For lesson plans, history of the songs, and other resources, visit the 'Education" page on the AFA web site.

Bullfrog Jumped

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Bullfrog Jumped, Children’s Folksongs from the Byron Arnold Collection is a CD. For lesson plans, history of the songs, and other resources, visit the 'Education" page on the AFA web site.

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Bullfrog Jumped is a collection of songs sung by mothers, grandmothers, school teachers, babysitters, and children across Alabama. During the summer of 1947 they sat at their kitchen tables and on their front porches in front of a portable disc recorder and enthusiastically shared their favorite folksongs with Professor Byron Arnold, a “songcatcher.”  They wanted children to learn them and sing them for many years to come.  On this CD you will hear 42 songs and games and the sounds of life in the singers’ neighborhoods.  

  • 1   Tic Toc  Annie Laurie Carleton
  • 2 All the Little Horses Pansy Richardson
  • 3 If You Can't Thread the Needle  Jane Peavy
  • 4 Two Little Gentlemen from the Spring Mozella Longmire
  • 5 Shoemaker Song (click link above to play) Katherine Leggitte
  • 6 Riggity Jig Martha Drisdale
  • 7 Old Gray Goose Callie Craven
  • 8 All the Pretty Little Ponies Jane Peavy
  • 9 Old Pompey Pansy Richardson
  • 10 Rebel Dog Laurie Cater Carleton
  • 11 A Tisket, A Tasket   Mozella Longmire
  • 12 The Old Gray Cat (click to play) Martha Drisdale
  • 13 Too Daddle Addle Addle Julia Greer Marechal
  • 14 The Little White Daisies Pansy Richardson
  • 15 Cornbread Crumbled in Gravy (click link above to play) Mary Chapman
  • 16 Old Shiboots and Leggings Callie Craven
  • 17 O Johnny Dear Myrtle Love Hester
  • 18 Skip to My Lou My Darling Pansy Richardson
  • 19 Little Sally Walker (click link above to play) Mozella Longmire
  • 20 Bullfrog Jumped Laurie Cater Carleton
  • 21 Paper of Pins Julia Greer Marechal
  • 22 Lank Dank Kimo Janie Couch
  • 23 Little Lap Dog Vera Hall
  • 24 Green Gravel Martha Drisdale
  • 25 Miss Jenny O. Jones Pansy Richardson
  • 26 All the Pretty Horses Julia Greer Marechal
  • 27 Ain't Gonna Rain No More Vera Hall
  • 28 King William was King James's Son Pansy Richardson
  • 29 Like a Leaf or Feather   Martha Drisdale
  • 30 On Springfield Mountain May Randlette Beck
  • 31 Shoo Rye Mozella Longmire
  • 32 Frog Went A' Courting May Randlette Beck
  • 33 Bower of Roses Martha Drisdale
  • 34 Dance to your Daddy Kate Newton Middleton
  • 35 Oats, Peas, Beans and Barley Pansy Richardson
  • 36 Trotting Song Kate Newton Middleton
  • 37 Riding in a Buggy Vera Hall
  • 38 Here Comes Someone A' Roving Pansy Richardson
  • 39 What'cha Gonna Do?   Kate Newton Middleton
  • 40 Feed the Animals Mae Erskine Irvine
  • 41 The Farmer Martha Drisdale
  • 42 When I was a Young Girl Julia Greer Marechal

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Traditional Musics of Alabama
Series: Volume 6  
African American Spirituals
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Bullfrog Jumped CD
see Education page

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