All upcoming sessions, 2016 -2019, are funded by support from The Daniel Foundation of Alabama as well as grants from the Alabama "Support the Arts" Car Tag Fund and the Alabama State Council on the Arts.  The National Endowment for the Arts funded three years of sessions held 2014-2016.

ADA:  In accordance with Section 504 and the Americans with Disabilities Act, all programs of the AFA are held in venues that meet these standards.  Special accommodations for persons with visual and hearing disabilities will be met upon request. Please contact alabamafolklife@att.net or 205.956.9888.

Sessions 2017   
Registration will open 01/01/2017

All the Right Qs:  Quilting Up a Business Piece by Piece 

Quilt the Forest
Saturday, May 27
9:00 a.m. -Noon
Ruffner Mountain Nature Center
Registration Here

Cherokee Leaf Pounding
Saturday, June 17
9:00 a.m. - Noon
Ruffner Mountain Nature Center
Registration Here

Alabama Bicentennial Projects

I. Introduction:  To contribute to the programs, projects, and events dedicated to recognizing Alabama's 200th Birthday in 2019, the Alabama Folklife Association (AFA) will be implementing two projects that are offspring of the Common Threads series.

II. Quilt Collection:  AFA will accumulate squares from all over the state that will accomplish the following:

  • Create a sense of local ownership by inviting persons, communities, organizations, businesses, and institutions all over the state of Alabama to participate.
  • Ensure squares are completed using traditional techniques with allowance for artistic freedoms and cultural change over time.
  • ​Document local folkways and culture by requiring that submissions be accompanied with information about the square and the decision-making process as documented through written, oral, photographic, or video formats.
  • Produce up to six quilts inspired by the following folk and traditional arts:  foodways, occupational folklore, storytelling (folk tales and ghost stories), traditional music, crafts (pottery, brooms, etc.), and annual festivals or cultural events.

AVAILABLE in March, 2017:  Instruction booklet with rules and regulations, submission process in order to participate, and deadlines.

III. Quilt across Alabama:  A One-Day Event for Everyone

  • Build a sense of community among all residents of Alabama.
  • Encourage intergenerational activity.
  • Garner support and publicity for the arts. 
  • Mae the arts are accessible to underserved populations.
  • Demonstrate the contributions of the arts to quality of life in Alabama.


  • Encourage the identification and promotions of local quilt makers and quilting traditions.
  • Enhance an appreciation for and understanding of folk and traditional arts by facilitating the passage of knowledge and skills to the next generation.
  • Inspire persons of all ages through education in the arts.
  • Honor the work of previous, current, and future master artists in Alabama.
  • Support the development, growth, and success of entrepreneurs and locally owned businesses associated with quilt making that create jobs in the arts and enhance tax revenues.
  • Collaborate with educational and cultural institutions as well as other nonprofit organizations all over the state of Alabama that contribute to heritage preservation and community development.