Joyce H. Cauthen Fellowship Fund
In 2010 Joyce H. Cauthen, Executive Director Emeritus of the Alabama Folklife Association (AFA), retired. Her more than 20 years of dedication to the organization, included 12 years of service on the Board of Directors and 10 years spent leading the organization as the first Executive Director.  In gratitude of her work and achievements, the Board of Directors passed a resolution creating the Joyce H. Cauthen Fellowship Fund and announced the program at the AFA annual meeting on Saturday, November 13, 2010 in Belk, Alabama.

The Cauthen Fund provides grants to individuals or programs to support the research, documentation, and preservation of Alabama's traditional music and other folkways. The fund initially raised $6,760.00 in private donations.  The AFA continues to seek contributions.  Contribute Now @ Razoo Platform under special projects. The first donors included 18 Jumping Bullfrogs, 23 Gum Stumping Possums, and 6 City Stage Performers (List) 

For information on the First and Second round fellowship recipients, click here.

Fieldwork Documents and Information      
Smithsonian research documents are in MSWord, so that they can be edited to use for other projects.
Library of Articles and Booklets
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Alabama Community 
Scholars Institute (ACSI)

What is ACSI?  ACSI is a program to provide training in the research, documentation, presentation, and promotion of Alabama's folklife.  People involved with local museums, arts councils, festivals, and cultural tourism, plus graduate students, librarians, artists, community educators, and genealogists have benefited and enjoyed the program. 

List of research topics proposed by participants from 2004, 2006, & 2008 institutes.
Articles by participants from 2004-2010 and AFA staff.

2013 in Cullman, Alabama
Brochure    and   Blog article by Kristin Law
Common Threads in 2014:  
Alabama's Quilting Heritage
Six sessions provided two days of information and training. Friday's study program featured scholars, authors, and tours.  Saturday morning quilt-making workshops provided instruction by master artists plus ideas and opportunities.  Join and follow Common Threads on facebook page to see photo albums, get updates, and post and share traditional quilt-making activities, information, and events.

Projects by participants include:
Common Threads Programs with instructions by Sylvia G. Stephens and master artists....Coming Soon!
  • Birmingham, featuring master quilter, Bettye Kimbrell.
  • Gee's Bend and Camden, featuring a community of quilters, town of Boykin, That's Sew Gee's Bend family business, and heritage development initiatives.
  • Montgomery, featuring collections, the Alabama Quilt Book project, and master quilter, Loretta Pettway Bennett
  • Greensboro featuring Nora Ezell, Mary Maxtion, Yvonne Wells, and Chris Clark.  
  • Selma's theme was Heirlooms and Ancestery
  • Auburn featuring master quilter, Mozell S. Benson.
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Folklore research in Alabama 
article by Henry Willett, 
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The folk legend of John Henry by 
John F. Garth, 2007
River Redhorse and the Seasonal Snaring Thereof  in Alabama by Jim Brown
AFA Foodways Gathering 2009 
Baskets of Alabama and Quilts by Mozell S. Benson
Exhibit Catalog, 2002
Style and Production
Guide for Tributaries