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What is the Legends and Lore Marker Grant Program?

Founded and funded by the William G. Pomeroy Foundation, the legends and lore marker grant program promotes cultural tourism by commemorating local folklore resources.  

Folklore consists of many cultural expressions, including legends (orally transmitted tales reputed to be based on historical fact) and lore (a body of knowledge or traditions passed down through word of mouth).  

In 2015, the Pomeroy Foundation collaborated with the New York Folklore Society to launch the program. In 2018, they decided to expand it nationwide and invited the Alabama Folklife Association to be the third statewide partner!

The markers, posted in communities throughout Alabama, will celebrate our state's unique body of folklore.

How does the program work?
  • Local organizations and individuals, who want to commemorate their local legends and lore, apply for a grant through the Pomeroy Foundation's electronic system.
  • Alabama Folklife Association (AFA) will vet the applications and approve or disapprove.  
  • Upon approval of an application, AFA will make any recommendations concerning changes to the text.  
  • If the application is approved, grantees will receive an Acceptance Letter from the Pomeroy Foundation. 
  • When the Pomeroy Foundation receives that letter in response, they will mail a check made payable to the applicant. The check will cover the costs of the sign, the pole, and shipping. 
  • The grantee will also be provided instructions for ordering your marker.

Who can apply?
  • 501(c)(3) organizations
  • Nonprofit academic institutions
  • Municipalities
  • ****Individuals should contact an eligible organization that can apply on their behalf.

How do we apply? 
Go to the online system, create an account, and apply.

What will we need?
  • The contact information for the person responsible for the application.
  • The proposed installation location in specific detail (including GPS coordinates).
  • A brief description and significance of the folklore being commemorated.
  • Proposed text that contains a title limited to 15 characters and five body lines with a maximum of 27 characters each, including spaces and punctuation.
  • IRS Determination Letter [for 501(c)(3) organizations only].
  • A letter from the landowner granting permission for the marker to be installed.
The sign above links to the page on the Pomeroy Foundation's web site.  It provides a lot of good information about the program.  AFA has simply provided it here to help answer questions.

Like the New York Folklore Society, the Alabama Folklife Association will be given credit on the signs within our state.

SIGNS:  Markers are 18” x 32” cast aluminum with a 7’ aluminum pole.
The PROGRAM CONTINUES, so apply at anytime that you are ready!....

$5,000.00 TO BENEFIT THE AFA! 

OCTOBER 1:  10 Legends and Lore markers approved and installed.
For every marker, the AFA will be awarded a donation of $500.00.  
A community gets a new SIGN and the AFA can raise:
A TOTAL of $5,000.00.

Applications must be submitted bMay 1.  October 1 is the deadline for vetting, approving, installing, and holding a commemorative event.  
Grantees will be responsible for installation including permits and any associated expenses.

The AFA will work with local communities on publicity to ensure your commemorative event, celebrating your new sign, is a success.